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    2018 Super Bowl Party in New York City? Nothing gains you group appreciation like a memorable Manhattan party. It can be done, but what's your strategy?


    Its not just for Manhattan's dyed in the wool NFL football zealots, there will also be folks at the party who have no interest in the Super Bowl. Its an NYC social night for friends, fun, food, drink (and of NYC Strippers at half time, eh?- Smile). Invite a crowd that rises to revelry and loves to have a good time socializing and letting out the clutch. * Where to Watch Super bowl in New York City *


    If some people have to bring their kids to your party, make sure there’s a separate room where the kids can play. And make sure they have their own snacks. VIEW, SEE, RESERVE, RESERVATIONS.


    THE BEST party PLACE OF PLACES TO WATCH super bowl in New York City may be YOUR place if you plan your party well. And for you main party room, arrange seating well; it is very important that everyone at your Super Bowl party has the ability to watch the Super Bowl TV screen. The average Super Bowl party has about a dozen to 20 party goers. This makes viewing potentially difficult. Probably good to have more than one TV set showing the game. * Game viewing superbowl Manhattan New York City NYC *


    Have a surfeit of Snacks. It’s a Super Bowl party-snacks are a must. And something consistent with all such parties is mega appetite for good grub. You know New York City party goers love to party hearty, and especially on WATCH Super Bowl nite. The drinks flow like water, and the grub gets grabbed with eagerness. It’s impossible to enjoy hyped-up football games without the proper amount of barbecued things, stuff to dip, miniature snacks, chips, pretzels, and pizza. Plus carrot and cucumber sticks for the dipping. To do this right, at a minimum, you must have a lot of everything. Not just a selection of a few types of snacks, but a lotta lotta stuff, munchies and junk food galore. A snack army, if you will. * Manhattan super bowl parties no cover no admission * Aim to make your nite the greatest place to watch super bowl in New York City. -- 917-449-2727


    Now then, if you do the food right, you’ll need plenty of beverages to wash it down. You don't need every kind of beer on the market, maybe have two or three brands. And not everyone drinks beer, so in order to be a good host, certainly have some V8, sodas, and hard liquor on hand, and some shots too for later; Fireball and Hennessy a good bet. * Locations super bowl party Manhattan New York City * VIEWING *



    Need a barmaid or waitress / server? We can provide. Call us. Any place or places can be talked about, We cover the metro area.--- 917-449-2727


    If you’re going to serve all of this food and drink, then the next important thing to have is a well stocked rest room (with maybe a portable radio so when people are in it they still hear the game). Make sure the rest room is stocked up with supplies and air freshener. * Watch superbowl bars, pubs New York 2017 *


    And, if human nature is at all predictable, these snacks, beverages and crowd are going to lead to massive mess-making. Make you’ve stockpiled a colossal amount of paper towels, stain remover and trash bags. Watching Super Bowl fetes in NYC cause super messes. Don’t be caught unprepared. * Book space super bowl party *


    One good way to keep the watching the super bowl game interesting for everyone is to create a betting pool. Be creative and have people also bet on something other than the game, like who will spill their drink first. * Find halftime Strippers in New York City * Party Places.


    As for the half time... Hey listen you do not want to waste the groups time on watching the TV's super bowl half time show. They can play it next day on youtube if they really want. No no no, an ultra no no. You must, repeat you must - do the right thing! Invite some NYC Stripper babes over to your place and it will be the place of places for that Sunday nite. Yes yes yes. And because NYC Strippers are the hottest you can get for private partying (especially the Centerfold Stars nude private dancers)... this is a high part of party frenzy and frolic. Strippers at half time will do naked friction lap dancing, girl on girl lesbian show, socialize flirt and rev the group. Trust us, even the women like it (they like to watch). Half time show stripper lap dancers? -- my good man, its a must do. When you think private Superbowl Party, you must include the strippers. Have all the guys in the group pony up some cash for budget. * Find super bowl parties in Manhattan New York City * ---- 917-449-2727


    Finally: backup, backup. It’s very important to have contingency plans. This is a big day and things can go wrong. You need a back-up options. Have a spare TV for game watching in case your main set breaks. Make sure you have antenna service ready in case the dish or cable goes out. Get the fastest NYC pizza delivery place on speed dial in case the food gets consumed too fast. Plan well and be ready (smile). And once well prepared, the rest is easy. Greet your guests convivially and have a great time watching, viewing, betting, cheering! Once prepared you can view / watch the game with ease.


    Oh and yes, to get those strippers here's what to do.. Call CENTERFOLDS TO GO at 917-449-2727


    See them online at METROPARTIES.com


    * Find Super bowl party locations, bars, pubs, restaurants, locations in Manhattan NYC *



    Call us for live half time lap dance and lesbian show at your site. Also for barmaid, or waitress / server. Or party hostess. -- 917-449-2727

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